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Womanizer 2

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A women-friendly massager from Germany. The design like a facial instrument 
Womanizer 2 is a massager that evolved to a higher performance more compactly than Womanizer.


Description of item

From Germany Germany! The world's first clitoris vibrator that can taste super powerful vibrations without touching directly! The manufacturer's phrase is "100% orgasm guarantee". It is the latest version of the world's first suction vibe "Womanizer (Womanizer)". It became the palm size, and further the suction power was upgraded. 
Beyond real oral sex? It is the latest toy made to suck. Womanizer is the meaning of a color man. As the name suggests, "It is the best of the toys I've ever used" to say that it is a product that makes women captivate. As a second Toy, it is recommended for those who are not good at inserting. Wormanizer is waterproof, but can not be washed. However, it is possible to remove the silicone cover and clean it cleanly. 

■ Characteristics of Womanizer 2 - 
Small size 
and weight of 120 mm that fits in the palm also fits in the palm - 128 g (when wearing a cap) and light weight 
- Adjusts vibration intensity - + - button improves operability 
· Power up. Eight levels of vibration pattern from very soft vibration to high power vibration 
· Silicone head corresponds to large clitoris also two kinds of L size and conventional size 
· ON / OFF buttons use genuine Swarovski 
· Matt black only Satin pouch attached 

■ Attractive
The charm of this product is that it is an idea that has never been before. It is not a vibe ... but a vibrator to use like a clitoris. Clitoris where tens of thousands of nerves concentrate, Of course it only hurts if it suffers strongly, it is only unpleasant, but the wonderfulness of womanizer is to stimulate without touching the place where you feel the most. When it fits comfortably, while the edge of the silicon cover gently gives vibration to the root of the clitoris, it sucks the tip part suddenly. If you use a womanizer with a lotion on it, you will be absorbed erotically while being touched gently, like a kiss ... you can taste that feeling. 

[About Womanizer (Womanizer) product] 
Womanizer aims for high-quality products enriching our lives. To explore the possibility of pleasure, a womanizer was born. It is not to vibrate, but to suck toy. It's like a cosmetic machine and a mysterious stimulus for sucking, it is extremely popular in toy shops around the world.

Contents / Accessories

Main body, special case, USB charging cable, silicone cover (2 pieces), Japanese manual

Material · Ingredients

Silicone, ABS resin

Size / Weight

Body: Total length 120 mm, 128 g 
Exterior: 85 × 190 × 85


■ Storage method 
Please keep this product and charging cable in a temperature environment of 5 ℃ to 35 ℃, avoiding direct sunlight and high temperature. Also please avoid shocks such as falling. 

■ Precautions When applying to any of the 
following items, please be careful when using. 
· When you are pregnant · When you have inflammation on the itchy skin on your skin · When your condition is not good · Allergies may have occurred due to products that give stimuli like this product · 

Continuous use for more than 15 minutes Please stop. 
· This product is not medical equipment. 
· Do not use gel, silicone lotion or massage oil containing alcohol or fragrance as it may damage silicon in the header part. 
· For safe long-term use, please keep it clean after use. 
· Please do maintenance frequently. Please do not use if you find defects or defects. 
· Because this product is not waterproof, please avoid submerging in water, washing with running water etc. Before charging, please check whether the plug and power supply part is wet. 
· When discarding, please check whether there is any remaining charge on the main unit. 
· This product is lithium ion rechargeable and can not be burned. There is a possibility of explosion or explosion in an environment of 60 ° C or higher. 
· Keep it in a place out of the reach of children and manage it. 
· If you feel any abnormal noise or trouble, immediately turn off the power, please stop using it immediately.

how to use

■ Operation method 
After lightly pressing the button of Swarovski, adjust the suction force with the + button. If you just press the button, you will hear a lot of noise. The sound disappears when it is exposed to clitoris and sucked. Even if you apply to the clitoris, when you feel the sound greatly, it is not in the correct position, so please try to find the best position. 

■ Maintenance 
Womanizer 2 is not completely waterproof. If water droplets enter the suction area it will cause a malfunction, so please never wet the body itself with water. When finished using, please remove only the cap of the silicon part that sucks clitoris, wash with the cleaner exclusive for Toy, dry it and reattach it. When dirt accumulates in the suction part, please wash with a dry cotton swab etc. Please be careful not to enter water in this part.

Vibration pattern · power supply

8 step vibration pattern 
USB charging form 

■ Since there was an error in "charging method" of Japanese manual, we will correct as follows. 
(( Incorrect) Please start charging when the treatment head glows red. 
(Positive) Please turn on the main unit and start charging when the treatment head flashes red. 
Your We apologize for any inconvenience you may have caused. 

The above contents will be seal-compatible with the main package. (It will be available from the shipment on 24th June 2016.) 

(Supplementary) When turning on the main unit and the treatment head flashes red, it is a signal with little charge. When charging, please charge with the attached charging cable when turning off the power.

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