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A high-end design massager that can be recharged just by plugging directly into the USB port of the personal computer. 
A precise mechanism that generates small but powerful vibration is packed in. The vibration sound is surprisingly quiet.


Description of item

Upgraded high-end design Vibe 
DUET (Duet) can be recharged by plugging directly into the USB port of the personal computer is a unique design made with a precise design and a powerful dual motor 
Four vibration modes and four power levels Even 
small but powerful A precise mechanism that generates vibrations is packed in. 
The vibration sound is surprisingly quiet. (For example, it is quiet enough to be used in libraries, etc.) 

[About CRAVE products] CRAVE, 
which specializes in US design adult goods, aimed for a cool and gorgeous product that arouses possessive desire like jewelry. Design that does not make adult feeling at all and its luxury feeling are positioned as one-ranked adult goods. In pursuit of the highest level not only in design but also in terms of function, simplicity and ease of use are outstanding. With a powerful vibration rotor that can get a pleasant pleasant feeling even just for the foreplay, we minimized mechanical noise unique to the rotor.

Material · Ingredients

Phthalate free silicon material, nickel free trivalent chromium plating phthalate free silicone, nickel-free silver electroplated base

Size / Weight

Size: Total length 115 mm × width 27 mm (thickness 12 mm), weight 90 g 
Exterior: height 145 mm × width 50 mm × depth 41 mm


· When using for the first time or when not using for a long time, please be sure to charge before using. 

· After using, be sure to check that the power supply is OFF. 
· Please be sure to turn off the power after using care. Also, please stop cleaning while charging. 
· Please do not leave it in a state of charging for a long time. 
· Our company can not assume any responsibility for problems caused by accident, abuse, misuse, damage. 
· This product is for adults. We are refusing to use underage minor people hard. 
· Product design and specifications are subject to change without notice due to improvements etc. 
· Because this product is imported to the country through long distance transport from overseas, some dirt and scratches etc. are seen in the package, but because there is no defect in the product itself, so please acknowledge it again so Please give me. 
· If you feel any abnormality during use, please stop using it immediately. 
· Do not apply strong shocks, such as stepping on or dropping the body as it may cause deliberate.

how to use

(1) Vibration starts when the ○ button is pressed for a long time. 
* To stop the vibration, press and hold ○ button to turn off the power. 
* The vibration pattern switches when you press the ○ button. (4 types of vibration pattern) 

(2) Pressing the + (plus) button strengthens the vibration. 
When you press the - (minus) button, the vibration becomes weak. (4 levels of vibration intensity)

Vibration pattern · power supply

There are four vibration modes and four power levels 
DUET (Duet), such as a charging cord. 
You can charge by inserting a small metal part directly into the PC USB port.

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