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Analyzer Nero

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"Lightning strikes in the body" You can experience the ultimate dry orgasm. Electric massager 


Description of item

"Lightning strikes in the body" You can experience the ultimate dry orgasm. Electric massager 

main body material for prostate characterized by matte texture and silky touch is made of super silicon, comfortable matte texture and silky touch are comfortable for anal. Rings for the rotor set are applied to the body, and if the attached stick rotor is operated, minute vibration is transmitted from the perineum to the inside. "Nero" which is spherical in tip and more specialized for prostate torture can stimulate the prostate adequately, improves the movement of the prostate and helps boost the health of the lower body. By using it you can experience the intense "dry orgasm". If you remove the rotor, the body is safe hygienically with washing OK. 

■ Made in Japan with trial lotion 
■ Life waterproof specification 
■ Quiet design 
■ Vibration 1 type

Contents / Accessories

Body, button battery LR 44 × 3, trial lotion (12 ml)

Material · Ingredients

Super Silicon

Size / Weight

170 mm × 22 mm × 22 mm 
Exterior: 184 mm × 117 mm × 50 mm


Since the insulating film is affixed to the battery of the attached rotor, please use it when using.

how to use

Please make sure the rectum is empty at the beginning of STEP 1 Especially if you like cleanliness please rinse your rectum inside with an enema or bidet. 

STEP 2 Lay down in a 
landscape direction, and make a knee like sticking to your stomach. 

Apply lubricant (high viscosity recommended) such as lotion, around the inside, inside, on the main body. 

Please insert the tip of the analyzer little by little while inserting it in and out. When the tip part enters about 1/3, it will be drawn into the trunk. 

5 Maintain the state as it is for about 5 to 7 minutes. Then the prostate gland, ejaculatory duct, erectile nerve spots are stimulated and you can get unexperienced orgasm. Then switch on the vibrator and you can experience the ultimate dry orgasm.

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