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Leten Little Bunny

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Little Bunny (Little Bunny) is a vibrator that imagines a cute rabbit with a smooth body line. Powerful motor is built in the front end of the main unit and the slave unit, and the sound is quiet design. There are 10 types of vibration patterns, and the operation method is simple. Charging method will be charged with the USB charging cord built into the main unit. Since it is built in the main body, there is no need to worry about losing the charging cord, and it is smart because it just closes the cap by returning it to the main body when storing it. 

■ Built-in USB charging cord (The code extends about 6 ~ 8 cm.) 
■ Quiet design 
■ 10 types of vibration pattern 
■ Simple operation 
■ About 1 hour operation with full charge for about 2 hours


Contents / Accessories

Main body (USB charging cord built-in), instructions

Material · Ingredients

Silicon, ABS

Size / Weight

190 mm × 63 mm × 35 mm, weight 122 g 
Exterior: 230 mm × 102 mm × 47 mm, weight 213 g


· Please be aware that incorrect usage may cause unexpected accidents. 
· Do not apply strong impact such as stepping on or dropping the body as it may cause a malfunction. 
· Please stop using it immediately when you feel abnormal while using. 
· Product design and specifications are subject to change without notice due to improvements etc. 
· This product is for adults. We refuse to use underage minor strictly. 
· We can not assume any responsibility for problems caused by accident, abuse, misuse or damage. 
· When charging, please use the dedicated USB cable supplied with this product. 
· Please do not leave it in a state of charging for a long time. 
· It is waterproof, but please stop using it underwater. 
· Please make sure that the power supply is turned off before cleaning. 
· Do not wash the body directly, please use a wet towel or a vibe cleaner etc.

how to use

If you press and hold the power button for about 2 seconds, the built-in LED light turns on and vibration starts. 
If you press and hold "strong / forward" for about 2 seconds while the power is on, it will be in the strongest power mode. Press either "strong / forward" or "weak / back" button to cancel. 
· Vibration pattern advances with "Strong / Forward" button 
· Vibration pattern returns with "Weak / Back" button 
※ The first vibration is the weakest mode. At this time "weak / back" button can not be operated. Please press the "strong / forward" button to change the vibration pattern.

Vibration pattern · power supply

■ Vibration pattern 
10 types 

■ Charging method 
Turn the handle part (silver color) to remove the lid. Charge with the USB cord built into the main unit. 
※ The code extends about 6 to 8 cm. 
* Please note that if you extend the cord forcibly, it may be damaged. 
※ It will be fully charged in about 2 hours. 
* Battery is 350 MAH, quiescent current is less than 

10 UA Charging insufficient · · · Red LED blinks for 10 seconds (All functions stop) 
Charging · · · Red LED blinks 
Charging complete · · · Red LED turns on (After a while LED It goes out.

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